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I'm an artist at heart who went to school for electronics. How did that happen? I'm also deeply interested in tech, the driving force that changes how we go about our daily activities. 3d printing technologies rapidly change how things can be produced, and with it, I found myself making new things. I also seek to apply my experiences working in education to share my passion for '3dp', because I envision our future driven by it.

Greta Reid


Empower others to create for themselves. Share my passion for "3dp", that is, 3d printing.

why layerfied designs?

3d printing software typically encodes a 3 dimensional object into a sequential series of 2 dimensional images, a model to be formed one layer at a time by the printer. Hence, the model is a "layerfied" one.

why jewelry?

I choose to wear 3d printed earrings as a way to invite strangers into conversation that leads to 3d printing. How it enables the creation of something that they may not have envisioned as being available to themselves. I get a lot of surprised reactions when I tell people my earrings are 3d printed, as though I am privy to a technology they are not. But then, this is inaccurate - I simply did something they hadn’t done yet :)

Most Layerfied earrings, with the exception of those cast in metal, are either 3d printed out of polylactic acid (PLA), which is a recyclable plant-based polymer, or nylon. The PLA prints are made from my own desktop machine, and the latter are produced on machines that use lasers to fuse together nylon powder.


The part in the image above (“X body with supports”) contains supports because it is part of a printed-in-place assembly. For a closer look at an updated version click here.

3d printing is our future, but do you know
how it affects your life today?
Will you choose how?
— Greta Reid, owner, Layerfied Designs